How to call internationally

Calling internationally is easy. This site is designed to not only show you the simplest way to do it but to teach you new ways to do it that will save you money! Keep reading, and we will teach you how to reach your friends overseas quickly and easily. This page will help you find the correct international dialing code for the country you wish to call and even show you what time it is in the country you are calling.

Calling from a "land line" or stationary telephone is different than calling from a mobile (cellphone). Each country has its international direct dial code - which we have compiled into a list for your easy reference. We have even built a tool which shows you exactly how to dial!

If you are calling international numbers from a mobile (cellular) phone, you need to know how to dial the plus (+) sign. There are different ways to do this depending upon your model of cellular telephone.

How to call internationally from a mobile (cellular) telephone

To make an international call from a mobile (cellular) telephone you must dial the "+" sign before the country code. This works differently depending upon the model of phone you have but is fairly simple to do - try both ways and see which one works!

.how to call international from a cellphone (mobile)
Find the "+" key on your phone. On most phones it is with the asterisk.
For a Nokia telephone, you will press this key twice quickly and the plus sign should appear.

For Motorola and other phones, you must hold the zero key and it will change to a plus. See a video demonstration of exactly how on a few different cellular telephone models by clicking here.


Calling internationally from a stationary phone (landline)

If you are calling from the USA or North America, you must dial your "International Direct Dial Code". This is simply the code you need to get a connection outside of the country.

  • For the USA, it is 011.
  • For the UK it is 00.

So let us suppose that you are in the USA and you wish to call the British Museum in London.

You have their number:
The British Museum
+44 (0)20 7323 8000/8299

From your landline in the USA you would dial:
011 44 20 7323 8000

If you are on a corporate internal line, you may need to dial a number (usually 9) to get an outside line, then follow the steps above.

Sometimes cordless phones need to be dialled manually so that there is a pause between the 0 1 1. You simply push the green button and wait for a dial tone before you start dialing.

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Note: For most countries, you do not dial the (0) before the city code! EXCEPT FOR RUSSIA AND ITALY!

For example:The number for the British Museum in London is:
+44 (0)20 7323 8000/8299

When Dialing this number from the USA, you would leave out the zero. So you would dial:

011 44 20 7323 8000

The /8299 just means that they have 300 phone numbers with the last four digits going from 8000 to 8299.

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