International Telephone Directories

There are a number of international phone directories where you can find the telephone numbers of people and companies around the world, we will have a list of them here. If you find any that we do not have listed here, please send us a note and we will upate our listing!

To find a telephone directory for almost any country, find the country in the list below and then click "Go":

Some countries have more than one phone directory you can find online. Some of the most popularly searched ones are in the table below:

Other Popular World Phone Directories
Country Directory
Canada Canada411
United Kingdom 118118

Ask Alix
The Phone Book (BT)
UK Phone Book
France 118 People Search
Mexico Paginas Amarillas y blancas
Yahoo Páginas Útiles
Sección Amarilla
Middle East (& Iraq) AME Info
Russia Spravka (Russian Language)



What time is it over there? Remember to check the time zone in the country you are calling. Your friends may be very glad to hear from you, but not necessarily at 3:00 in the morning!
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